I’m Anna Zeide, a Clinical Assistant Professor and Academic Advisor in the History Department at Oklahoma State University. I was previously at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in the Program for the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine and the Center for Culture, History, and Environment. I also worked on sustainability and health initiatives at the Madison Children’s Museum, as a part of a Public Humanities Fellowship program through the UW Center for the Humanities.

My current book project, based on my doctoral dissertation, focuses on the history of canned food in America in the nineteenth and twentieth century. I explore the early roots of the American food industry, as well as the complicated behind-the-scenes relationships that underlie a consumer’s decision to pick up a can of food from a grocery store shelf. In my research, I engage with environmental history, history of science, food studies, consumer history, and nutrition and public health.

I invite you to explore further, by reading more about me, my research, my recreational food blog, and my other experiences with writing, teaching, and outreach on campus and in the broader community.  You can also check out my CV.

Please be in touch with questions, inspirations, comments, or ideas for collaboration!

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